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Paradigma Systems is focusing on developing computerized solutions for the Long-term-care and Home-Health-Care industries, with special emphasis on the elderly.

The Company has been developing innovative software since 1992, and has become the dominant software-house for care providers of the elderly in Israel.

ParadigmaCare system is installed and fully operational at approximately 300 Long-term-Care entities, operated 24/7 by thousands users of plentiful professional disciplines.

Our highly diversified range of clients includes large rehab hospitals, all levels of skilled nursing facilities, home-care providers, residential aged care communities, nationwide care chains, and more.

ParadigmaCare is a comprehensive software product suite supporting all care activities, management, operations and commercial aspects of the long term care enterprise, providing cross-disciplinary and activity-based assessments while integrating all disciplines operations.

ParadigmaCare  is an enterprise-level system, all-in-one solution, providing unparalleled improvements of long term care performance, ensuring highly efficient operations, maintaining advisories and alerts, supporting actionable, intelligent data analysis, contributing substantial added-values while demonstrating an extremely short ROI rate.

The Company provides highly effective software tool-kits for a large variety of Long Term Care organizations supporting all operational aspects such as:

  •  All healthcare and supplementary care aspects 
  •  Home-care operations
  •  Wide-ranging EHR
  •  Administrational features
  •  Business management
  •  Marketing
  •  Facility management

Paradigma’s current challenge is to replicate its local success overseas, and position itself as a major software vendor for institutes and agencies providing care for the elderly in the U.S., Europe and China.

As such, the company has established an installation in the U.S., and has secured 4 installations in Europe and China.